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Domain Name Services


To Register a Domain Name

The first step is to do a quick search to see if the domain name(s) you want to register is available. You can search for the domain name that you want to register by entering it into the
"Find A Domain" box to the right.
Be sure not to use any spaces, case does not matter.

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Other Domain Name Options:

RENEW A Domain You Already Own

Renewing domain names that you already own is easy even if you did not originally purchase the domain from us.
We can answer your domain renewal questions and help you
renew your domain name.

TRANSFER From Another Registrar

If your domain name is currently with another domain name registrar and you want to move the domain to our system we would love to serve you. Transfer your domain.

MANAGE Your Domain Names

If you have one or more domain names registered with us and you want to manage any aspect of it, this is the place. Login to your domain name management console.
Find a Domain Name:
  i.e. my-own-company.ca
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